Mark H. Collin
Director Since: January 2019    
Age: 60
End of Current Term: 2020
Mr. Collin has been senior vice president of the Company since February 2003.  Mr. Collin also served as the Company’s chief financial officer and treasurer from 2003 and 1998, respectively, until March 1, 2019, when he formally stepped down from those positions as part of the Company's long-term succession plan, as well as in connection with his upcoming retirement from the Company on May 1, 2019. Mr. Collin joined Unitil in 1988 and served as the Company’s vice president of finance from 1995 until 2003.  Prior to joining Unitil in 1988, Mr. Collin was an economist and utility analyst for the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission.  Mr. Collin also currently serves on the Board of Directors of New Hampshire PBS (“NHPBS”), and also serves on the NHPBS Executive, Finance and Investment Committees.