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Unitil Corporation is committed to comprehensive and effective corporate governance practices. The Board believes that good corporate governance is the foundation to ensuring that Unitil Corporation is operated in an honest, transparent, and ethical manner and in the best interest of shareholders and other stakeholders. Accordingly, the Board has unconditionally adopted a set of Corporate Governance Guidelines and Policies of the Board (the “Guidelines”) to assist Directors in the pursuit of superior Board function, effectiveness, communication and transparency in the governance of the Company. The Board and the Company believe that the ethical character, integrity and principles of the Board and senior management remain the most important safeguards of good corporate governance.

The Guidelines represent the current view of the Board of Directors on governance and should not be viewed as rigid restraints. The Company will continue to monitor new developments and regulations, and will adopt changes and institute new policies and procedures as appropriate. These Guidelines are reviewed regularly and are subject to modification from time to time by the Board of Directors.