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MA Manufacturers Realize Electricity Savings Through Usource

Hampton, NH (July 5, 2001) – High electricity prices and hot summer weather mean higher electricity costs for most Massachusetts consumers. This can mean lower operating margins and thinner profits for manufacturing companies already struggling with the economic slowdown, but a new competitive market option offered by Usource, L.L.C. is providing relief to a growing number of manufacturing operations.

Usource L.L.C. is a subsidiary of Hampton, NH, based Unitil Corporation and provides an easy-to-use, technologically sophisticated energy procurement service to commercial and industrial gas and electricity consumers. Customers using this service benefit from highly competitive energy market offerings obtained through a sophisticated yet quick and simple-to-use electronic auction system developed by Maynard-based

"The Usource process made it easy for us to solve the problem of the higher and volatile Default Service prices from our local utility," said Jerry Shafir, founder and President of Kettle Cuisine of Chelsea, MA. "We have recently completed market purchases for both electricity and natural gas through Usource. The process was simple and quick and the resulting contracts lock down two key cost factors in our operations."

Kettle Cuisine, recently named Greater Boston Manufacturer of the Year by the Massachusetts Economic Development Council, was founded in 1986 and is best known for selling fresh, refrigerated, fully prepared soups to restaurants and food service operators throughout the Northeast United States. Kettle Cuisine recently launched a consumer brand of 10-ounce, ready-to heat-and-eat soups in microwavable bowls, which are now available in over 350 retail outlets throughout New England.

"The last thing I want to worry about as we focus on growing our business is energy," said Robert Kynoch, Chief Financial Officer for PROMA Technologies of Franklin, MA. "Usource did a great job for us, and provides a valuable resource to anyone who needs to respond to the higher energy prices but doesn’t have the time or the expertise to invest in the process."

PROMA Technologies, Inc. is a privately owned company, formerly known as Van Leer Metallized Products (USA) Ltd.. Located in Franklin, Massachusetts, PROMA Technologies employs over 100 people. Its 125,000 square foot manufacturing facility utilizes the most technologically advanced metallizing equipment in the world. The unique variety of metallized papers produced include PROMAVAC® metallized papers, HoloPRISM® holographic papers and HoloSECURE® security papers. PROMA Technologies is committed to leading the metallized paper industry in customer service by providing high quality papers that fully meet customer's needs in an economical and efficient manner, and received triple honors in the 2001 Metallized Package /Label of the Year competition from the Association of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators.

Usource L.L.C., headquartered in Hampton, NH, is a subsidiary of Unitil Corporation (AMEX:UTL). Usource began providing web-based energy solutions in late 1999 at Usource provides tools for the sophisticated energy buyer, but also offers one-stop shopping for smaller to medium sized energy users who lack resources or expertise in managing energy in an increasingly competitive environment. Usource Energy Buying is a neutral, independent service that enables customers to post their energy requirements on the nation’s most active retail energy exchange, operated by, where more than 50 suppliers competitively bid to meet those requirements. Usource currently serves northeastern United States and has more than 375 accounts under management, including leading industrial corporations, large business and industrial associations, major municipal and government buyers as well as key commercial and industrial buying groups.

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