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Unitil Charitable Foundation Announces Eight Winners of 1999 Peter J. Stulgis Memorial Fund Grants

Hampton, NH, June 8, 1999; -- Honoring innovative programs for technology in the classroom, the Peter J. Stulgis Memorial Fund awarded its 1999 grants, totaling over $34,000, to seven schools in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Those who won did so by uniquely and creatively integrating technology hardware and software applications into secondary education classroom or teaching environments.

Winners of the grants include:

  • Sanborn Regional High School (Kingston, NH) for the expansion of two school-wide computer and internet based projects: the Sanborn History Project and Project World. The expansion will allow students to improve and exhibit their project-related digital creations, including multimedia presentations and educational materials.

  • Concord High School and Regional Technical Center (Concord, NH) for two projects:
    • to provide a Cisco Networking Certification program, an intensive, leading edge training program not otherwise available in New Hampshire high schools.
    • to purchase an SVHS field camera system, which will be used to produce a television show on how children learn to read. This show will air on Concord’s public access and education channels.

  • Oyster River Cooperative School District (Durham, NH) for the purchase of a UV-Vis Spectrophotometer reflectance accessory for the New Hampshire Science Instrumentation Project (NHSIP). This new equipment will be integrated with the NHSIP program through a specialized summer workshop for educators, and will be available for classroom units in a number of New Hampshire schools, reaching up to 1,500 students. The program will lead students to an improved understanding of light and materials, and will also promote problem-solving, communication, and data analysis skills.

  • Timberlane Regional High School (Plaistow, NH) for an American Studies computer project, which will enable students to link via the internet with other classrooms nationwide. This interaction will allow the students to explore and gain real insight about the places mentioned in several key works of American literature.

  • Exeter High School (Exeter, NH) to create a cluster of six mobile computers equipped with various scientific data gathering sensors/probes and internet access. This will produce an environment in which students, acting as scientists, can collect, sort, organize, analyze, and display scientific data and communicate their findings and questions with scientists from around the world.

  • Pinkerton Academy (Derry, NH) for the purchase of an Interactive Smart Board, a state-of-the-art interactive whiteboard that enables teachers and students to access, display, and interact with information from the internet, videos, CD-ROMs, live video from a camera, and computer software from a single, large, touch-sensitive screen.

  • Austin Preparatory School (Reading, MA) for the purchase of a computer with a data-video projector connected to the internet in order to explore, demonstrate, and challenge students in their understanding of prejudice and its interrelated topics.

"This is the second year the Fund has awarded the grants, and we continue to be very impressed with the quality of the applications," said George R. Gantz, president of the Unitil Charitable Foundation. "The schools did an outstanding job of creating innovative programs involving technology in the classroom. These programs go beyond simply bringing technology into the schools; they actively engage the student in hands-on participation and learning. The grants from the Fund give schools the opportunity to implement these programs, which will have a tremendous positive impact on the students. The programs are a wonderful tribute to the dynamic vision and drive of Peter J. Stulgis, in whose memory they are being awarded."

The Peter J. Stulgis Memorial Fund was established in 1997 to provide charitable grants and awards promoting the development and implementation of advanced electronic and computer technology applications for educational purposes in secondary schools. The Fund honors the late Peter J. Stulgis, who was the Chairman and CEO of Unitil Corporation until his death in May 1997. The grant selections were made by an Advisory Committee consisting of colleagues, friends, and family of Peter J. Stulgis. Anyone interested in donating to the Fund can send a check, payable to Peter J. Stulgis Memorial Fund, to Unitil Charitable Foundation, 6 Liberty Lane West, Hampton, NH 03842.

The Unitil Charitable Foundation is an independent private foundation created to facilitate tax deductible contributions to the Peter J. Stulgis Memorial Fund, to administer the Fund and to conduct other charitable activities.

George Gantz

Corporate Office
Liberty Lane West
Hampton, NH 03842-1720