Unitil is committed to comprehensive and effective corporate governance practices. The Board of Directors and management team firmly believe that solid corporate governance is key to the transparent and ethical operation of the Company and have set a high standard for this important element in the long-term sustainability of the Company.

The ethical character, integrity and principles of the Board, senior management, and our employees remain the most important safeguards of good corporate governance. These attributes are inherent to engaged leadership, effective management structure, and a committed, carefully trained workforce.

The Board of Directors adopted the Corporate Governance Guidelines and Policies of the Board to guide the pursuit of superior Board function, effectiveness and transparency, and together with the By-Laws and the Code of Ethics Policy, provide a strong framework for the governance of the Company.

We will continue to monitor new developments and requirements, as well as emerging issues concerning corporate governance best practices and financial disclosure, and will adopt changes and new policies as appropriate. Our corporate governance policies and systems are implemented in compliance with SEC regulations, requirements pursuant to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and NYSE listing standards.

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