Long-Term Sustainable Value

Long-Term Strategy: Fundamental Principles and Beliefs

  • As a combination electric and natural gas distribution company operating in northern New England, we are uniquely positioned to contribute to, and benefit from, evolving climate policies.
  • Our current efforts to advance the electric grid will provide robust capital investment opportunities.
  • Natural gas, decarbonized renewable gas, and gas distribution assets will continue to play a vital role in providing clean, secure, low-cost energy to the communities we serve.
Sustainable Value Creation
Accelerating Long-Term Rate Base Growth
Long-Term EPS Growth Driven by Expanding Rate Base Investments
Target Long-Term Payout Ratio Enables Sustainable Dividend Growth

Continued Growth in Energy Distribution

Continued robust regional economic development will support long-term electric and natural gas rate base growth.

Investing in Our Clean Energy Future

Investments in distribution system modernization will reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Creating Stable Margins and Earnings Growth

Decoupled revenue structures, multi-year rate plans, and performance-based rate structures will reduce sales margin volatility, create additional incentives to increase system efficiency, and provide more timely recovery of capital investments.

Sustainable Value Creation

6.5% - 8.5%
Expected Long-Term Rate Base Growth
5% - 7%
Expected Long-Term EPS Growth
55% - 65%
Target Long-Term Payout Ratio

Declared Dividends History

Our Carbon Reduction Target

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2023 Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Report

Our latest report highlights our objectives, strategies and key metrics tracking our progress, demonstrating our commitment to long-term sustainable value creation to our stakeholders.

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