Unitil/FG&E to Update Its Engineering Maps


Fitchburg, MA; March 12, 1999 --- Unitil/Fitchburg Gas and Electric Light Company (FG&E) will be updating its engineering maps by conducting a field inventory of all poles, manholes, pad mount transformers and substations in Ashby, Fitchburg, Lunenburg and Townsend.

These maps are an important tool for FG&E engineering and operation staff, aiding electric system maintenance, restoration, load balancing and expansion.

Teams of 3-4 people will be visiting every pole and every manhole location on each street in our service territory. These teams will be using hand held computers and GPS (global system) software to collect and download satellite data. The project will complete in the Fall 1999.

"This project is an example of FG&E’s commitment to our customers to continuously improve our services," said President Mike Dalton. "Our goal is to set the standard of what a fast and flexible electric utility should be."

Unitil (AMEX:UTL) is a public utility holding company system based in New Hampshire, whose subsidiary Fitchburg Gas and Electric Light Company provides electric and gas service in Massachusetts. Unitil’s other utility subsidiaries include Concord Electric Company and Exeter & Hampton Electric Company, which provide electric service in New Hampshire. Other subsidiaries include Unitil Resources Inc., Unitil Power Corp., Unitil Realty Corp. and Unitil Service Corp.

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